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Testing the AF sensor array

This technical study describes a method for checking if a camera's entire AF sensor array works as advertized. It can be used for almost any camera with a phase AF system, i.e., SLRs and SLTs. In fact, this paper contains examples for two Nikon and one Canon camera.

(2012, September 13) more...


The true reasons for a full frame camera White Paper

This paper tries to give general criteria to decide when a full frame camera would be the best option. As it turns out, there are a number of ambitious situations where full frame is indeed the most cost-efficient or only option.

(2012, June 27) more...


Nikon D800 AA filter vs. D800E White Paper

This white paper publishes a full laboratory measurement of the Nikon D800's Bayer-AA filter and provides a short discussion in terms of differences between a D800 and D800E.

(2012, May 9) more...


Nikon D800/E outer AF sensor accuracy Technical Study

This technical study evaluates the performance of the outer (towards the left and right edges) autofocus sensors (AF detectors aka AF focus points), esp. with respect to accuracy and with a wide angle lens. Applicable to the Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E full frame SLR cameras.

(2012, May 8) more...


Camera equivalence White Paper

This White Paper tries to set common grounds when discussing various aspects of the effect of a change of the size of an imaging sensor in a digital camera system.

(2012, Feb 21) more...



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