(This area is under construction.) You may purchase prints from all my photography.


I have disabled the shopping cart in most of my galleries. Just drop me a note (cf. contact page) which photo you'd like to print. The images in the galleries are too small to print well and must only be viewed, not downloaded or pronted anyway.


I can provide prints to your destination (via SmugMug printing in the US or my local printing service in the EU). Watch out for a price list and table of available options soon.


In case you want to print yourself, I can upload a digital file directly to your printing service. Or you aquire a digital high resolution file license for personal use which includes printing.


Note that some of my prints (such as limited copies) are sold on an individual base only.


Work in progress is a self-published book I may be going to release. Watch out for news, please.



Further reading:

The page above provides an idea about available options and pricing (Bayphoto in the US, Loxley color in the EU).

However, you have to contact me first so that I can enable the print option for the images you'd like as prints. I'll do so for purchases going to exceed $99.

In the EU, just contact me with the image details and SmugMug print options using Loxley color. I'll process it for you directly then. Payment by paypal.


If you want to purchase a single photo for digital download (personal, non-exclusive, non-commercial license) then I grant you access to the original size photo (signed in the lower right corner). The fee is between $50 and $200 where available. Please, inquire for details.