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I am an author of technical and photographic articles. Most of the articles provide genuine content to the photographic community, not copied from other sources (unlike 99% of the web). I do my own research and publish my original results via this site and elsewhere. I also have an accreditation as a journalist for photo conferences like Photokina. From time to time, I cover news events such as press conferences or a product launch.


Some noticed a scientific background in my articles. So yes, I actually do have a PhD in Theoretical Physics and therefore, not all of my articles are an easy read for everybody (although I try). You'll find most of such articles in the LumoLabs section of this site (cf. the navigation box to the right).


However, a few "lighter" articles can be found in my blog or directly linked from this page.


Sometimes, other sources pick up an article and make it more accessible to a broader audience. One such example is (cf. link to the right).





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